HP | BladeCenter c3000

The HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure brings new capabilities to the HP BladeSystem while serving three separate market segments: 1) remote sites needing between 2 and 8 server blades; 2) mid-sized companies with between 3 and 100 servers in their company; and 3) enterprise accounts with special datacenter requirements, such as DC power, or very limited rack power & cooling capacity. Similar to the c7000, the Intelligent Management through the Onboard Administrator gives complete control of bladed infrastructure. A multi-terabit backplane ensures the c3000 Enclosure can support gigabit networks with an easy migration to 10 gigabit solutions in the future.

The BladeSystem c7000 enclosure is bundled with HP Insight Control that provides essential server management and enables full utilization of the management capability built into HP ProLiant servers. HP touts the combination of HP ProLiant with Insight Control as ‘unbeatable’, and says that, together, they deliver the best managed servers in the industry.

Small Large
Device Slots 4 half height and 2 full height (expandable to 8 half height and 4 full with additional fans and power supplies) 8 half height and 4 full height
Interconnect Slots 4 4
AC Power Supplies 2 6
DVD 1 1
Fans 4 6
Rack Kit1 1 1
Administrator Module 1 2
Solar Price CALL CALL

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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