HP | MSA 70 - Modular Smart Array

The HP StorageWorks 70 Modular Smart Array enclosure is a 2U Serial Attach SCSI (SAS) disk drive storage enclosure supporting 2.5 inch SFF (small form factor) SAS or Serial ATA (SATA) drives. This enclosure delivers even better data performance, availability, storage density, and upgrade ability than its predecessor, and meets customers' demanding and growing storage needs. This enclosure is designed to support 3.5 inch Universal SAS or SATA hard drive form factors. The MSA70 enclosure supports direct attach storage (DAS) to HP ProLiant and Integrity servers. The MSA70 supports the cascading of shelves in a 1+1 configuration to allow a maximum of 50 drives in a 4U configuration behind each of the two external ports on the HP Smart Array P800, the HP Smart Array E500, the HP Smart Array P411, the HP Smart Array P212 or the P812 Controller for a total of 100 drives in 4 enclosures (a single controller port incorporates four lanes for a total max throughput of 12Gb/s for SAS).

• 3G SAS host connectivity

• Dual Domain support with HP Smart Array P800 Controller for HP ProLiant and Integrity servers (requires dual port SAS drives) (single environment only)

• Multi Initiator support with the SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter (AH303A) (HP-UX and Open VMS on selected HP Integrity Servers) with dual port SAS drives only

• Supports twenty five 2.5 inch hot pluggable drives

• Supports HP 6G SAS Dual-port disk drives, (146 GB, 300 GB, 600 GB & 900 GB capacities)

• Supports HP 6G SAS Dual-port Midline (MDL) disk drives (500 GB & 1 TB capacities)

• Supports HP SATA 3G disk drives, (500 GB & 1 TB capacities)

• Maximum storage capacity of 22.5 TB (with twenty five 900 GB 6G DP SAS), 25 TB (with twenty five 1 TB 6G SAS DP MDL) or 25 TB (with twenty five HP SATA 3G 1 TB hard drives)

• Attached to HP SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter for HP-UX and Open VMs support on selected HP Integrity Servers (servers that support PCI-e cards)

• Supports attachment of up to three (3) dual I/O MSA70 behind a Small Form Factor MSA2000 G2 (99 SFF drives for a total of 59.4TB SAS or 24.7TB SATA) (NOTE: MSA70 is NOT supported behind a MSA2000 G2 (LFF)).Supports MS Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows 2008, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, VMware, Novell NetWare, HP-UX 11iv2 and 11iv3, Open VMS 8.3 1H

• Supports attachment of up to five (5) dual I/O MSA70 behind a Small Form Factor P2000 G3 (149 SFF drives for a total of 89.4TB SAS or 74.5TB SAS MDL or SATA ) (NOTE: MSA70 is NOT supported behind a P2000 G3 (LFF))

• 1+1 Cascade support (behind a single SAS port)

• Supports boot from storage

• Redundant hot-plug power supplies and fans standard

• Addition of second I/O Module adds Dual Domain capability providing higher level of redundancy and reliability

Small Large
Hot pluggable drive bays - 2.5" 25 25
2.5" 6G SAS disk drives 25 X 300GB 15K 25 X 2TB 7.2K
Redundant, hot plug power supplies 2 2
Redundant, hot plug fans 2 2
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