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Introduced in April of 2001 as the replacement for the Enterprise 4500 server, the Sun Fire 4800 server is a twelve-processor machine that used UltraSPARC III CPUs (750MHz), UltraSPARC III Cu (copper based) CPUs (900MHz, 1050MHz or 1200MHz), UltraSPARC IV CPUs (1050MHz, 1200MHz, or 1350MHz), and UltraSPARC IV+ (1.5GHz or 1.8GHz) CPUs.

Maximum memory for the Sun Fire 4800 is 192 GB using 1GB DIMMs.

The Sun Fire 4800 did not have internal disk drives, but instead was combined with the D240 media tray, which held 2 ea. 18.2, 36.4, 73.4, or 146.8 GB SCSI disk drives.

The Sun Fire 4800 is 17.5 RU (rack units) tall, and came in both deskside and rack-mountable versions.

The Sun Fire X4800 was EOL’d (end-of-lifed) in June 2005.

Number of processors: Two to twelve
Architecture: Superscalar SPARC V9, UltraSPARC III
E-Cache per processor: 8 MB
System interconnect: Sun Fireplane interconnect 9.6 GB/sec. sustained
Main memory: Up to 96 GB of memory capacity per system
I/O: Sixteen PCI slots (four 66-MHz and twelve 33-MHz) or eight hot-swappable cPCI slots (four 66-MHz and four 33-MHz)
System Controller: Up to two per system
Redundancy kit (optional): Redundant power supply, fan, system controller
Media device (optional): Sun StorEdge D240 Media Tray, a four-device tray that supports hard disk, tape, or DVD-ROM. Can be used as a boot, data-storage, data-load and data-interchange, or data-backup device.
Small Medium Large
Processor/Memory Board 1 2 3
UltraSPARC III/III Cu Processor 4 @ 750 MHz 8 @ 900 MHz 12 @ 1.050 GHz
ECC External Cache per Processor 8 MB 8 MB 8 MB
Memory 4 GB 16 GB 48 GB
System Controller Board 1 2 2
Power Supply 2 3 3
Fan Tray 2 3 3
8 Slot PCI I/O Assembly 2 2 2
PCI Network Adaptor 1 1 1
Repeater Board 1 2 2
Redundancy Kit No Yes Yes
D240 Media Tray w/ 2 ea 18.2 GB Disk Drives 1 1 1
DVD-ROM Drive Yes Yes Yes
DDS4 Tape Drive Yes Yes Yes
Configuration Deskside
(Rackmount available)
(Rackmount available)
(Rackmount available)
Solar Price $4,105 $6,485 $8,095

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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