Sun | Netra st D1000 AC Disk Array

Sun’s Netra st D1000 storage array offers high performance, featuring up to 436GB of storage in a 4U rack-mount chassis, with 18GB or 36GB 10000 rpm drives.

Serviceable while online due to modular, hot-swappable components.
  • Up to twelve 18 GB or 26 GB low-profile 10,000-rpm drives for high performance.
  • Netra st A1000 adds a hardware RAID controller for reliable high performance.
  • 18 GB or 36 GB disks provide 218 GB to 436 GB of storage in a single array.
  • Ruggedized, carrier-grade packaging for severe conditions, including earthquake, temperature extremes, and corrosive gas.
  • Telcordia Technologies NEBS Level 3 Certified in form, fit, and function for telco central offices, and wireless deployment.
  • Hot-swap and redundant disk drives, AC or DC power supplies, and fans.
  • Easy administration,with status of array and components, LEDs for every FRU.
  • Rack mounting in 19-, 23-, 24-in., and 600-mm formats; front or center mounts.
  • Standard UltraSCSI technologies for compatibility with Sun and other open technologies, for fast time to market.
  • Earthquake zone 4 certified and open-door ESD and EMI certified.
Small Medium Large
10000 RPM UltraSCSI Disk Drive 109 GB
(6 @ 18 GB)
217 GB
(6 @ 36 GB)
436 GB
(12 @ 36 GB)
Power Supply 2 AC 2 AC 2 AC
Raid Controller No No No

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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