Sun | Netra st D130 Rack Storage

Ideal for service providers, Sun’s Netra st D130 offers flexible, cost-effective storage in a 1U chassis that fits into standard racks for increased density.

Other features include: front and back LED indicators, your choice of AC or DC power, and front-access hot-swappable drives for easy serviceability.
  • Low-profile 1U form factor enables efficient use of vertical rack space, lowering operating costs
  • Fits into standard 19-in.racks, with optional kits for 23-in., 24-in., and 600mm racks
  • Up to three low-profile 10,000-rpm drives for high performance
  • Three 18GB disks provide 54GB of storage in 1U rack height
  • UltraSCSI SE interface allows for direct connect to server on-board SCSI port (no need for host adapter)
  • Simple design allows for high reliability and high MTBF
  • Front-accessible,hot-swap disks enable minor configuration changes without service interruption
  • Front and rear status LEDs for easy servicing in rack-mount environments
  • NEBS level 3 compliance in form, fit, and function for telco central offices, wireless, and points of presence (POP) deployment
  • Ruggedized,carrier-grade packaging for severe conditions, including earthquake, high temperature, and corrosive gas
Small Medium Large
10000 RPM UltraSCSI Disk Drive 36 GB (2 @ 18 GB) 54 GB (3 @ 18 GB) 109 Gb (3 @ 36 Gb)
Power Supply 1 AC 1 AC 1 AC
Solar Price $470 $525 $585

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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