Sun | StorEdge A5200

The modular nature of the Sun StorEdge A5200 fibre channel disk array makes it the perfect choice in environments where information storage needs are growing.

One important feature of the A5200 is its excellent performance in applications demanding fast sequential access to data such as data warehousing and decision support systems.
The Sun StorEdge A5200 array provides a high-density, high-availability data storage solution for the enterprise. This fibre channel disk array offers excellent throughput, reliability, availability, and serviceability. Incorporating hot-plug, redundant components and dual fibre channel loops into a modular, networked, building-block architecture, the Sun StorEdge A5200 array is an ideal solution for mission-critical environments. Performance and capacity scale together,supporting departmental systems up to multi-terabyte data centers. With the Sun StorEdge A5200 array, you can deploy storage networks across your enterprise easily and cost-effectively.
  • 100 MB/sec FC-AL from host to drives for performance and connectivity.
  • Fully redundant RAID configurations support mission-critical applications.
  • High-RAS hot-plug power supplies, fans, interface boards, and disk drives.
  • Flexible configurations from 127 GB up to 4.8 TB rack mounted systems.
Small Medium Large
10000 RPM FC-AL Disk Drive 400 GB (22 @ 18.2 GB) 800 GB (22 @ 36.4 GB) 1,610 GB (22 @ 73.4 GB)
Fibre Channel Hub No No No
Interface Board 2 2 2
Fibre Optic Cable 2 @ 2 Meters 2 @ 2 Meters 2 @ 2 Meters
Placement Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop
Solar Price $2,810 $3,655 $3,775

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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