Sun | Sun Blade 1500 Red Workstation

Introduced in September of 2003, the Sun Blade 1500 Red workstation uses the 1.062GHz UltraSPARC IIIi processor and offers high-performance 64-bit computing. The Sun Blade 1500 workstation is equipped with a rich set of workstation features, including support for 8 GB of DDR memory, up to two internal 80-GB Ultra ATA100 hard drives, five PCI slots, and support for high-performance graphics such as the Sun XVR-100 or Sun XVR-600 graphics accelerators. The Sun Blade 1500 workstation also offers built-in USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394a FireWire ports and on-board Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T).

The Sun Blade 1500 Red workstation was replaced by the Sun Blade 1500 Silver workstation in February of 2005, and EOL’d (end-of-lifed) in August of 2005.

Processor: One 1-GHz or 1.5-GHz UltraSPARC IIIi processor
Cache: 1 MB Level 2 integrated on die
Main memory: Up to 16 GB of registered DDR PC2100 ECC memory: 4 DIMM slots supporting 256-MB, 512-MB, 1-GB, and 2-GB DIMMs (memory DIMM installation required in pairs)
Disk drives: Up to two 120-GB Ultra ATA100 internal disk drives
Network: 10/100/1000-Mbps (Gigabit) Base-T Ethernet port
I/O: Three USB 2.0 ports, four USB 1.1/1.0 ports, two 1394a (Firewire) ports
Serial: Two RS-232C/RS-423 (DB-9) ports
Parallel: One D-Sub 9-pin connector, IEEE 1284 (bidirectional)
Audio I/O: One line in, one line out
One microphone in, one speaker out
Expansion bus: Five full length PCI slots:
one at 64-bit/66 MHz
two at 64-bit/33 MHz
two at 32-bit/33 MHz
Graphics: The Sun Blade 1500 workstation supports up to three Sun XVR-100 or up to two Sun XVR-500 or Sun XVR-600 graphics accelerators
Small Medium Large
UltraSPARC IIIi Processor 1 @ 1 GHz 1 @ 1 GHz 1 @ 1 GHz
On-Chip L2 Cache 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB
Graphics Accelerator XVR-100 XVR-100 XVR-600
Memory 1 Gb 2 Gb 4 Gb
7200 RPM IDE Disk Drive 1 @ 80 GB 1 @ 80 GB 2 @ 80 GB
Ethernet Port 1 @ 10/100/1000 BaseT 1 @ 10/100/1000 BaseT 1 @ 10/100/1000 BaseT
USB Port 7 7 7
IEEE 1394 Port 2 2 2
Parallel Port 1 1 1
Serial Port 2 2 2
PCI Slot 5 5 5
16x DVD-ROM Drive 1 1 1
Smart Card Reader 1 1 1
Solar Price $750 $790 $940

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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