Sun | StorEdge 3510 FC Array

The Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array is a low-profile, high-density, modular storage system. The space-efficient 12-drive array supports hundreds of gigabytes of storage, either as a JBOD or RAID array with one or two RAID controllers, and can support up to 1024 logical unit numbers (LUNs) with hardware LUN masking. You can use the eight Fibre Channel ports to connect up to eight servers, or four servers in redundant mode, and can have up to 12 Fibre Channel ports in dual RAID controller configurations. The 3510 array is designed to withstand some of the harshest environments, and is ruggedized to meet full NEBS Level 3 certification, and the air, land, and marine deployment of the MIL-STD-810F specification.
Small Medium Large
10000 RPM Fiber Channel I Disk Drive 367 GB (5 @ 73.4 GB) 881 GB (12 @ 73.4 GB) 1,752 GB (12 @ 146 GB)
Raid Controller JBOD 1 2
Cache per Controller - 1 GB 1 GB
Power Supply 2AC 2AC 2AC
Solar Price $1,675 $3,155 $4,305

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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