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The Sun StorEdge 6120 array was introduced in May 2003 as part of the 6X20 line of storage products along with the StorEdge 6020, 6320, and 6920. At 3 rack units per 6120 array, the StorEdge 6120 is compact, high-density, modular, and expandable, especially when part of a 6920 array.

Each array includes a single RAID controller and either 7 or 14 fiber channel disk drives, with the following sizes and speeds: 73GB, 146GB, and 300GB 10K disk drives; 36GB or 73GB 15K disk drives.

More than one 6120 can be combined to create a high availability – HA – version of the array, with a maximum capacity of 6 arrays per rack and 84 disk drives.

The maximum amount of raw disk capacity using 300GB disk drives is more than 25TB.

The data and administrative paths in the array are completely independent for reliability, security, serviceability, and ease of use. The network-based administrative path enables centralized configuration and monitoring of large numbers of array configurations, providing storage to multiple application servers.

The StorEdge 6120 supports RAID levels 0, 1, and 5, and has 1 Gbyte of data cache memory.

The StorEdge 6120 was EOL’d (end-of-lifed) in October 2005, and replaced by the StorEdge 6130.

Small Medium Large
RAID controller 1 1 2
1" FC-AL disk drive 7 X 73GB 10K 14 X 73GB 10K 28 X 146GB 10K
2 GB/sec FC connection 1 1 2
10/100 Ethernet port 1 1 2
RS-232 serial port 1 1 2
410 WATT power and cooling unit 2 2 4
Array interconnect card 2 2 4
Solar Price $2,165 $3,180 $5,255

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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