Sun | StorEdge FlexiPack

Back up your workstations and workgroup servers with The StorEdge FlexiPack tape drive.

This desktop storage solution also makes an ideal boot device for large servers.
The Sun StorEdge FlexiPack offers the ability to select a fixed media type, such as disk drive, CD-ROM, or tape drive, leaving one open bay. This allows configuration of up to 2 tape drives in a Sun StorEdge FlexiPack or a disk drive and the SunCD 12 CD-ROM drive. The Sun StorEdge FlexiPack provides the abilty to add-on additional media when there is a need.
Small Medium Large
Capacity 12-24 GB 35 to 70 GB 40-80 GB
Tape Drive 1 @ 4mm DDS-2 1 @ DLT-7000 1 @ DLT-8000
Tape Cartridge 1 @ 4mm DDS-2 1 @ DLT-7000 1 @ DLT-8000
Solar Price $250 $720 CALL

The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; to purchase any equipment on this site call 800-253-5764 or send an instant email.
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